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Top Hospital Management Software in Bangladesh

In this “Digital Era,” the influence of technology has spread in Bangladesh like in other developed nations. Bangladesh’s health-care system has improved a lot in recent years. The use of hospital management software has benefited the nations greatly. Many hospital management software is enhancing the country’s health care system in Bangladesh. Let’s take a look at the top Hospital Management Software in Bangladesh that a hospital can use.

The top hospital management software in Bangladesh is Arch

Arch is one of the most fast growing hospital management software in Bangladesh. It has quickly gained popularity because of its user friendliness. Arch is developed by Esteem Soft Limited with varieties of modules. Arch has got many modules such as Outpatients (OPD) management, Inpatients (IPD) management, Pathology & Radiology, Pharmacy management, General Accounting, HR & Payroll, Asset & Inventory management etc. Any healthcare organization can use Arch’s comprehensive ERP solution. Through this, it is possible to increase the profit of the organization by increasing the efficiency, well-organized management, providing better services to the patients, besides reducing the cost to a large extent. 

Demo of Arch Hospital Management ERP Software

Arch is a unique software to increase the productivity and efficiency of hospital officials and employees by preventing time wastage by preventing them from repeating the same tasks over and over again. That’s why, officers and employees enjoy the benefits of this cutting-edge software. Arch is the first web-based hospital management system in Bangladesh. It can be used both online and offline. It is significantly contributing to the modernization of the healthcare industry. And because of this reason, The “National ICT Award” was given to Arch in 2019.

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Mysoft Ltd. is one of Bangladesh’s prominent IT companies. Their desktop-based Hospital Information System (HIS) software makes it simple to access patient data in order to create a variety of records, including classifications based on demographic, gender, age, and other factors. The ambulatory point is where it is most helpful, improving continuity of care. The Hospital Information System (HIS) is simple to use and removes handwritten errors.

AutoSoft Systems Limited is a well-known IT company in Bangladesh. Since the beginning, its objective has been to deliver efficient and dependable information technology solutions that benefit the clients’ operational effectiveness, productivity improvements, and financial savings. This offline software created a comprehensive solution to address the issues in every area pertaining to the health care business.

Big Bang Computer Ltd. is a well-known software developer company in Bangladesh. It is also the provider of IT enable support services in the fields of enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting solutions, and outsourcing development. Their hospital management software is another excellent offline software. It manages all sections of the hospital like reception, lab, indoor patient management, outdoor patient management, laboratory management, inventory, account, etc.

Mazedatech Ltd. has been active in the Bangladeshi industry for many years with great success. The company works hard day and night to achieve its objective of making a difference by developing intuitive, efficient, and engaging software experiences. It has produced software for numerous hospital management departments including patient management systems, inventory management systems, and ERP solutions.

The success of the healthcare industry is entirely dependent on how it handles all departments and provides services to customers. The competition in this sector is increasing day by day. Customer awareness has also skyrocketed. So, it is essential for every healthcare company to check further before installing any software. Because any form of software system error could ultimately bring great loss and burden for that company.