What is Laboratory Information System (LIS)?

Laboratory Information System (LIS) is a computer software that automates the lab. LIS processes, stores, and manages all laboratory tests.

Arch Cloud LIS

Arch is the first cloud-based Laboratory Information System (LIS) in Bangladesh. Esteem Soft Ltd developed the software. Esteem Soft Ltd is a national ICT award-winning company. The software is integrated with the laboratory machines. As software will pull data from the machines automatically so patient reports are generated immediately. Patients will be able to see their reports on their portal.

Why should you use Arch Cloud LIS?

Single Point Solution

A single machine can generate reports of multiple branches. Any number of branches can be managed from a single point using Arch LIS.

Automatic data entry

No need to type from the printed copy from the machine and put it in the software. As a result, the report will be accurate and precise.


It will save you time because there is no hassle of typing so it saves a lot of time. So that the work of your hospital will be faster and the progress of the organization will be faster.


Since there is no trouble in entering the data of the test in the software of a lab technologist, there is no possibility of the report being wrong. Which does not pose any risk to the patient.

Reports in Patient Portal

Patients can easily access auto-generated accurate lab reports from the patient portal. So that the patient does not have to go to the hospital to collect the lab report.